Who We Are

Eleftherios Antoniades and his wife Nina are based in Athens, Greece and together they travel frequently on local or international photography assignments. Married early in 2016, Eleftherios and Nina work as a team and their love in art have developed a powerful creative and business force in photography.

Meet Eleftherios

Eleftherios Antoniades is a photographer based in Athens, Greece, but travels the world.

Eleftherios studied physics in the University of Athens and soon realised his passion in computer engineer science, but also, his love in photography and music. After 20 years in computer related occupations he decided to bring out his talent in photography and music composition.
With the genius of a TV broadcast engineer and the creativeness of a music composer, his style can be described as as nature meets artistic photography. He has the capability to capture the natural magic on any moment and creating art of his own. He has the talent to make everyone feel beautiful and comfortable in front of his camera. Whether he is shooting a ceremony, a portrait or a lifetime event, Eleftherios has the natural instinct to bring out the best of you.
·    Descreet, professional, funny and calm.
·    Editorial, advertising, corporate and social photography and videography.
·    Constant self developing and achieving a reputation for quality and reliability is first in priority.
·    Capturing subjects in best quality photographs by using several lighting technics and latest professional gear.
·    Use of photo development, retouching and enchasing software.
·    Keeping up with technology and apply latest photography & videography technics.

Meet Nina

Nina Karamanolis is a photographer based in Athens, Greece but travels the world following her passion in photography.

Together they decided to marry their common passion in photography and created a strong duet in wedding photography.

Nina Karamanolis studied music and earned a Piano Degree with the degree "Excellent Uniform and Distinction"
Music has formed a sensitive persona looking to extract love and passion from her photography.
Her style is shown from the loving emotions coming out from every click she does. Whether it is the loving father dressing up his son, or the caring mother puting her final touch on her daughter's accessories, before their wedding.